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Dec 26, 2012 7:30am EST
scholars from around the world to attend the three-day founding celebration. the scholars donned full academic roads and marched to the accompaniment of a band. president love et himself prepared and orally delivered an epic essay on his vision for the new institution. that essay fills some 85 pages in print. there's no need to panic -- [laughter] or head for the exits. i do not intend to emulate president lovett in that respect. the newspapers reported that the formal invocations began on october 12th which president lovett intentionally timed to coincide with the anniversary of columbus' arrival in the americas. he aimed very high in his vision for the new school. the president, though, was not the first speaker. after an opening prayer, a princeton professor -- henry van dyke -- recited a lengthy poem entitled "texas: a democratic ode," which he wrote especially for the ceremony. this poem, crawn from -- drawn from an indian legend, invoked images of frontier pioneers. the "dallas morning news" reported that the audience listened to the poet's words, quote, with the strictest atten
Dec 27, 2012 6:00am EST
into the bed room with the light still offer. he said he saw don lawrence and tyro garner on the bed having a will sex, not oral sex. we have a significant difference in what they say they were seeing. both of those facts would have violated the texas sodomy law. officers say they told john lawrence and tyro garner to stop what they were doing and stand back away from each other and they would not stop according to the officers. some very about male voices yelling at them inside the bed room. finally one of the officers said he flipped off a light in the bed room so everybody could see everybody very clearly now and he says they would still not stop and in fact he says john lawrence turned around and looked at the officer and looked back and continued what he was doing. for in excess of a minute, he says, until finally the officers had to literally pry them apart, stop them from violating the tax is homosexual conduct law. that is the story the officers tell. they say that was a violation of the texas law and doesn't matter that occurred inside a home or a public place, it was a viol
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2